Vaal Rhebok / Grey Rhebok Trophy hunting in Africa

If it is a challenge you are looking for, you will find it with the grey rhebuck!

Vaal Rhebok / Grey Rhebok Trophy hunting in Africa 2017-09-28T13:40:54+00:00

Overview of this species and the hunt

With a medium build, grey-brown woolly hair and a white tail and belly, this is a really beautiful antelope. When running they have a horse like gait and they are known to be able to jump quite high. The name rhebok is believed to be from European settlers who saw a resemblance between this buck and the European roe deer.

It is easy to distinguish the males from the females; straight pointed horns are only found on males. They are herd animals and live in families of up to 12 other antelope, including a male, a few females and a few young buck. If you encounter a male on his own, be aware that he is likely to be territorial. Rhebok will graze at any hour of the day but during the midday heat, they tend to retreat to shade where they rest. As a herd animal, they are always on the lookout for danger and they are quick to bolt at the slightest hint of a threat.

When hunting the grey rhebok, you can use methods similar to those you would use when hunting other antelope of this size. Make sure that you use a high quality expanding bullet for the best results and head out during the early morning or late afternoon. Aim for the area above the foreleg but not for the halfway point between foreleg and head. This shot should hit the heart/lung area, making your hunt a success.