Hunt Mountain Reedbuck in Africa

Found in the mountainous regions of South Africa, you can hunt mountain reedbuck.

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Overview of this species and the hunt

It is up on rocky slopes where there is enough shelter and grass, that the mountain reedbuck will make themselves at home. You are unlikely to find this buck in open areas as they like to be close to rocks and scrub where they can take refuge if they feel threatened. As with the klipspringer, if you want to hunt mountain reedbuck, you will need to be prepared to climb.

When telling the difference between the males and the females, again it is as simple as looking at the horns. Only male mountain reedbuck have horns. Females are also rather smaller than the males. Curved forward at the tip, the horns of the mountain reedbuck tend to be a little shorter than the common reedbuck. Should the animal’s horns extend beyond its ears, you are looking at a rather impressive trophy.

The mountain reedbuck lives in herds of up to 6 animals. Usually, the herd will only have females and youngsters, while the males tend to be solitary animals who will only join the herd during the mating season. One advantage the hunter can grab when hunting mountain reedbuck, is that the buck can be curious. This antelope will graze during the early morning and late afternoon, with the remainder of the day spent resting.

When hunting, you might find that a long distance shot is needed. A .270 calibre rifle should be a reliable choice, especially when using expanding bullets with grains between 130 and 175. Shoot the shoulder to halt the animal so you won’t have to spend the day playing chase as you climb the mountain.