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Dangerous Game - Limcroma Safaris

Limcroma Safaris

Big Five / Dangerous Seven Rifle and Bow Hunting

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The ultimate hunting experience of all - dangerous game hunting in Africa!

Big five or dangerous seven hunting include buffalo, lion, elephant, leopard, rhino,crocodile and hippopotamus. These are considered to be the most dangerous animals to hunt in Africa, and the world for that matter.

game-iconWhether you are a seasoned dangerous game hunter or first timer we have the specific dangerous game hunt to suit not only your budget but also your hunting requirements and needs! We offer all of the dangerous seven, lion, buffalo, elephant, crocodile, hippopotamus and leopard. South Africa is the only country left in Africa where you can still do what is considered to be a “Classic” safari – for either all of the Big Five or all of the Dangerous Seven in one safari. ( This normally requires at least 28 days ).

Our dedicated team of professional hunters are accredited and seasoned dangerous game hunters and will ensure that your dangerous game hunt is a success! Each of the dangerous seven pose their own set of challenges and the hunting methods areas unique as the animals themselves!

The African hunting safari is bound to become the highlight of any hunter’s career. Africa offers exhilarating and challenging hunting opportunities. The hunt becomes all the more exciting when dangerous game is involved. Make no mistake, there are certain African species that can turn deadly. Being properly prepared and knowing how to handle your weapon is of utmost importance if you are looking to ensure a successful hunt!


The Cape Buffalo is well known for its bad temper and its desire for revenge once it has been injured. It is a popular trophy to seek out but it is also one of the most dangerous species you could hunt. For a successful and safe hunting experience, hunting alongside a PH is of the utmost importance!


They are agile and quick to snap their deadly jaws at unaware hunters, but although this is a dangerous animal to hunt they are not among the more popular trophies to seek out. They can be a challenging hunt, providing much enjoyment and excitement when they test the skill of the marksman. If you are a trophy collector, this is one trophy you will want.


The imposing elephant is a magnificent beast and it is no surprise that it is considered to be dangerous game. Elephants have long been hunted in Africa, by Ivory traders as well as by those looking to gain a bit of prestige for taking down this animal. As the largest land mammal on earth, elephants are wildly dispersed all throughout Southern Africa, and usually, have populations numbering in the hundreds. Elephants can be hunted in South Africa as well as in Zimbabwe.


Don’t be deceived by their seemingly calm nature while wallowing in water, hippo are incredibly dangerous animals and they can react very quickly despite their size. Should they sense danger, a hippo will retreat to water, and they are not shy about fighting if you are in the way! Hippos are hunted for their tusks.


Exceptionally skilled in the art of hiding away, the elusive leopard is certainly one of the more dangerous animals to hunt. Dangerous hunting safaris in Africa often offer this solitary predator as a trophy although if you are considering this hunt, be aware that patience is an absolute necessity as the animal needs to be baited. Leopard makes for beautiful trophies.


Another big cat and another very dangerous animal to hunt, many sign up for an African hunting safari to take down this king of animals. Lions are usually hunted in the Kalahari in South Africa and you might require the services of a skilled bush tracker to get close enough to this predator. Lions are hunted on foot and are considered to be the second most dangerous animal to hunt in Africa.


Hunting rhino in Africa is strictly controlled and can only be done when you have the right permits. The hunt will need to be done according to the relevant legislation and often a representative from the reserve in which you are hunting will need to accommodate you. Only old males can be hunted as they are passed breeding age and can contribute more to conservation efforts if hunted.

There is always a risk involved when hunting any of the animals on this list, but for seasoned hunters, it is this very thrill that makes a hunt so worthwhile. You need to be able to trust the experience, knowledge and intuition of your PH when hunting any of these animals. You will also need to have complete knowledge of how to handle your rifle.

The area in which you will hunt your dangerous game will depend entirely on the species you are looking to hunt. We offer dangerous game hunting for all of the animals listed above. We have a high success rate in tracking and hunting these animals and all of our professional hunters have many years of experience. Please book your hunt at least 6 months in advance to give us enough time to take care of all paperwork and permits.

“After three unsuccessful leopard safaris with other outfitters, Limcroma Safaris was finally the outfitter that made it happen for me. Hannes and his staff are professional and goal driven individuals who take care of every little detail. My family and I shared many special memories and we look forward to many more!”
Brian Stephens and family
“I took all of the Big Five with Hannes and I’m still coming back. He runs a first class operation!”
David Britt