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We offer video and film production services as an add on to your African Safari adventure. What a way to show and tell everyone back home about your amazing African hunting experience!

Melcom Van Staden Productions and their team of professionals offer both filming and editing services with the industries leading and most up to date HD equipment! They specialize in the hunting industry and have world wide hunting experience and knowledge. This will be the ultimate add on to your hunting safari and will complete your team of professionals who will make your trip last a lifetime!

This is an African hunting video with Limcroma Safaris, hunting lion in South Africa by Melcom Van Staden Productions.

Lion hunting is one of the most controversial topics currently in the hunting industry. Over the years lion hunting in Africa has been divided into different categories/classifications. Each presenting it’s own set of challenges.

We embark on this lion hunt in South Africa, near the Kalahari, hunting on a private nature reserve that has a self sustained, introduced lion population. Hunting lion on foot with regulations stipulating no baiting, makes for a very exciting hunt. An official from nature conservation is present during the hunt, to not only oversee the entire hunt, but also to complete the necessary documentation ahead and after the hunt. The lions all have been micro chipped and the lion we hunt gets scanned and documented by the official.

Besides hunting lion, we also hunt a variety of other plains game species more common in these parts of the country. We hunt Southern Roan Antelope, which is the second largest antelope species in Africa, as well as a Hartman’s Zebra with it’s beautiful orange nose as well as the weird yet very impressive dewlap, huge ears and thin stripes. We also hunt a Red Lechwe and a Nyala bull with a pretty impressive set of horns.

Melcom Van Staden Productions.

Hunting dangerous game with LImcroma Safaris. A culmination of only a few dangerous game hunts including lion, buffalo, elephant, hippo and leopard. Both bow and rifle hunters take on the challenge of pursuing the worlds most dangerous game. Its the ultimate test of skill, endurance, equipment and their team of professionals! Choosing the right outfitter in this case is a crucial! Limcroma Safaris offers some of the finest dangerous seven / big five safaris in the industry. With the best hunting areas and the finest trophy quality and experienced professional hunters there truly is no other big five / dangerous seven option but LImcroma Safaris!

Hunting the Big Five with Limcroma Safaris combines the extreme thrill of hunting dangerous game without the hassle of traveling to rural countries and spending several days to get to your final hunting destination. Luxurious accommodations and first class hospitality meets the hardcore dangerous game hunter in search of completing his OR her Big Five or even Dangerous Seven hunting dreams.

This is a highlight reel where we hunt 3 of the big 5 in one safari to complete, not one, but two hunters quest to hunt the big five! We started off hunting elephant and then moved on to hunting leopard and finally finished off with a rhino hunt.

We also hunted the springbok slam, roan antelope, sable, eland, nyala and many more.

Traveling through the several regions was made easy with a King Air and allowed us the opportunity to see and experience some beautiful scenery.

Be sure to watch the whole video to see a wild elephant interact with us in a very surprising and spectacular way! We also had lions fighting and encountered giraffes taking a swing at each other and experienced a close call with the sharp end of a Nyala! Big herds of buffalo and gemsbok running across the plains as well. Double rifles and adrenaline filled hunting in Africa at its best!

Conservation through hunting has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of protecting wildlife populations, in Africa, and the rest of the world. It provides necessary infrastructure, and management whilst involving, uplifting and educating rural native communities to add value not only to the land, but also to the animals that sometimes offer very little to them.

All of the hunting conducted in this video was done by licensed professional hunters and the registered outfitter. Big five hunts are closely controlled and governed by law and all the necessary procedures were followed and all necessary permits and licenses were obtained as per regulation.

Follow along as Limcroma Safaris embark on another great adventure with long time friends and clients in pursuit of leopard and hippo in Zimbabwe!

Hunting in Zimbabwe offers a great spectrum of opportunities. Follow us on this Zimbabwe hunting safari adventure of a lifetime after 2 of the dangerous seven, hunting leopard and hunting hippo. Traditional leopard bait hunting in Zimbabwe allows you to see a great deal of country side. Preparing several bait spots and servicing and checking the baits daily allows for very exciting scenarios and using the available spoor and trail cameras to put together a picture of what had happened at the site the night before can reveal anything from small critters like civet and honey badger to epic fights between hyenas and lion, or if everything worked as planned, the all illusive big tom leopard feeding on the bait. Preparing leopard blinds in Zimbabwe entail building a shooting screen and then clearing a foot path to a hidden blind, further away from the bait site to leave the immediate area as undisturbed as possible. Leopard hunting brings many highs and lows, and sometimes many long days, and nights. Checking baits all day, and then perhaps sitting in a blind through the night is not an uncommon thing whilst hunting elusive big leopard in Zimbabwe.

Lake Kariba and the surrounding local people make hippo hunting in the region an unforgettable one. The lake in all its glory and the people gather meat and rounding up after hearing shots in the area is truly a special moment in itself and certainly brings a whole new element into hippo hunting. Using fisherman boats to cross the water or recovering a hippo in the water is sure to be an adventure in itself!

Limcroma Safaris offers a wide variety of leopard and hippo hunting opportunities catering to their clients specific needs.

Traveling in fisherman boats with two extra passengers solely to drain the water from inside the boat is not for everyone. Limcroma Safaris will take care of your every need, whether you are a novice hunter looking to experience an African adventure for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned African hunter looking for a more challenging experience, Limcroma Safaris offer leopard and hippo hunts to families and couples as well as the hard core trophy hunter.