We offer video and film production services as an add on to your African Safari adventure. What a way to show and tell everyone back home about your amazing African hunting experience!

Melcom Van Staden Productions and their team of professionals offer both filming and editing services with the industries leading and most up to date HD equipment! They specialize in the hunting industry and have world wide hunting experience and knowledge. This will be the ultimate add on to your hunting safari and will complete your team of professionals who will make your trip last a lifetime!

Hunting dangerous game with LImcroma Safaris. A culmination of only a few dangerous game hunts including lion, buffalo, elephant, hippo and leopard. Both bow and rifle hunters take on the challenge of pursuing the worlds most dangerous game. Its the ultimate test of skill, endurance, equipment and their team of professionals! Choosing the right outfitter in this case is a crucial! Limcroma Safaris offers some of the finest dangerous seven / big five safaris in the industry. With the best hunting areas and the finest trophy quality and experienced professional hunters there truly is no other big five / dangerous seven option but LImcroma Safaris!