We are fortunate enough to have the exclusive right to hunt the single best Buffalo areas in Africa today.

The area not only yields the biggest dagga boys, but also takes you back to the Africa of old and provides you with a hunting experience unparalleled in the world. This unspoiled stretch of African bush is also known to produce some of the best Leopard and Hippo in Africa. Why not combine your hunt and live the life of yesteryears legends?

Hunting in Africa offers nothing less than a memorable challenge. When looking for the perfect hunt, many a seasoned professional has found that nothing comes as close to a thrilling challenge as hunting the Big 5.

The prized wildlife that makes up the Big 5 includes the rhino, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and lion.

Dangerous game hunting does also include crocodile and hippo.

For the adventure of a lifetime, please contact us about our dangerous game hunting opportunities!